Why PIM Savvy?

PIM Savvy, Inc. launched in 2017 to help organizations meet their strategic objectives in time to capitalize on them.

We serve both public and private sector businesses. Please see our Government page to get more information about our government work including our Capabilities Statement.

PIM Savvy was established to:
  • Manage projects from initiation through successful launch
  • Program, Promotion or Product launch
  • Create custom training
  • Track project tasks and create easy-to-read dashboard reporting
  • Serve as a dynamic liaison who provides excellent communication with teams
The PIM Savvy Way:
  • Design a project customized for your style, your business and its changing needs
  • Chart an easy-to-read dashboard with red/yellow/green light system that allows you to easily see where to put attention, resources, intervention and positive recognition
  • Create efficiencies by assuming project responsibilities where desired
  • Provide an excellent, consistent client experience
PIM Savvy Results:
  • Free up time for your focus on vision and business development
  • Launch projects on time and within budget
  • Set a standard for internal operational excellence